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Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Running Repairs

Running Repairs I have just spent the weekend in Reading on Tom Goom’s Running Repairs Course. It was a great course and I want to write a few bits down that I think will be great for readers to know, and to help me remember! We spent time looking at Gait Analysis, which was really Continue reading »

Top 10 Ways to NO Pain and a Great Life!

Top 10 Ways to NO Pain and a Great Life! Move – move little at first if it’s new to you or if it hurts. Increase your general movement, not just exercise. Less sitting, lounging or loafing. Meditate – learn to give yourself the ability to move your thoughts around and be a bit more Continue reading »

Should I cancel my massage if I am ill?

      Should I Cancel my massage if I am Ill? Should I cancel my massage if I don’t feel very well? Short answer: Yes, please. Long Answer: Yes, please. Massage is great. You know this. But it’s not always a great idea. As cold and flu season is upon us again, it’s important that Continue reading »

6 Tips to help Tennis Elbow

6 Tips to Help Tennis Elbow It’s not just tennis players who get tennis elbow. Tennis elbow can be the result of tennis, obviously, but also from simple daily chores such as carrying shopping. Any activity that is constant or repetitive and strains the forearm, such as painting and using secateurs in the garden, can Continue reading »

Movement for Pain

Movement for Pain Perhaps the most helpful thing you can do, when in pain, is to move. If it is acute and you have just injured yourself, then that is different and you may need advice about when to begin moving, how much to move and what movements are best. If however, you are a Continue reading »

How to make the best Massage Wax

How to make the best massage wax. As a Sports massage therapist and an Aromatherapist, I have been making my own waxes for years. It’s easy, cheap and great to use for massage, because it allows for some traction on the skin but is non greasy. It is also a really good moisturiser, so could Continue reading »

Painful Yarns Book Review

Painful Yarns by Lorimer Moseley Book review. Painful Yarns was written by G.Lorimer Mosely, metaphors to help understand the biology of pain. Dr Lorimer Mosely has a PHd in Pain Science from the University of Sidney, Australia and is a Nuffield Research Fellow in Medical Sciences at Oxford University, here in the UK. Hi is Continue reading »

Flare Ups

Flare Ups. It’s going quite well, you feel your injury is getting better, when for no reason that you can work out, it feels like you have taken a backwards step and it hurts. This is a flare up. During recovery there may be any number of flare ups. The road to recovery is not Continue reading »