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Move without Pain

Case Studies and Testimonials


I’ll be here!
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I look forward to helping you with your aches, pains, rehabilitation and relaxation from the 12th April.

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Case Studies and Testimonials

“Hi Sue
Hope you had a lovely weekend!!
My shoulder has felt soo much better since my visit, thank you!! I’ve just watched the videos, they’re really helpful 🙂 I am on a mission to get motivated to do more exercise and making the effort to move around more.
I will get in contact if I feel I need to come and see you again.
Take care!”

Hi Sue, thanks so much for your treatment the other week. My foot is better, I even managed the jump class last night. Love M……
Ps I used the band like you told me to. It’s great not to be limping so I’m sending you a big hug.

“I meant to send you a message to A) thank you for the lovely follow-up email with so much great information and B) give you a progress update!
After the session I was still getting the occasional pang of pain, but the following morning the “acute” pain was gone. I was still feeling a bit tender and had to avoid leaning/resting on it, but it wasn’t giving me any trouble when just sitting or standing normally.
I’ve done some of the gentle stretching exercises you recommended and I have also started using a desk timer to remind me of taking breaks when writing!
I cannot thank you enough for your help. Sometimes the worst thing is just not knowing what’s wrong and how to deal with it. You have such a calm and methodical approach that really put me at ease.”

Knee Pain

Since going to see Sue the first time, I have never looked back when needing assessments on various sports injuries and problem pains. She seems to have this uncanny ability of finding the triggers and not only eradicates them but provides advice and a way forward to make life a little easier!

Sue is friendly and professional and I would recommend anyone of any level to go see her for a good solid and educated sports massage. Sue loves what she does and this shines through with the help and treatment she provides.


Hip Pain

 I recently saw a client with a very painful hip. J. found it impossible to sleep on her right side, it was          uncomfortable to turn over at night and J was convinced that she had arthritis. J had had this painful hip      for 18 months and it was seriously disturbing her sleep. She was waiting for a Scan date to come through.

I massaged her lower back, hip and leg, with some work to the other pain free leg, for balance. I worked with specific muscles to free any fascia adhesions around the joint. I located trigger points in the hip area and gave her exercises to strengthen the hip. I also suggested that she place a firm piece of cardboard beneath her mattress protector to prevent the hip joint ligaments from stretching over the joint as they dip down into the mattress. There was tenderness in the hip for a day or two after her treatment, but the pain was very nearly gone. With in the week, there was no pain at all and my client could enjoy a beautiful nights sleep. The testimonial J wrote:

“As I was brushing my teeth the other day, I remembered just how awkward it was to even get out of bed. Sue’s treatment seemed like a miracle and even now I marvel at the fact that I have no pain. To think I thought I had arthritis and I would be in discomfort forever!”  Jackie, Newbury

Over the years I have had many clients with very painful neck complaints. Clinical massage has proved to be highly effective in drastically reducing the extent of the pain – in some cases alleviating it completely.  The pre-treatment consultation process helps to identify what may be contributing to your pain, this is a critical part of the treatment and it is really important to understand more about you and your lifestyle. This  helps me to put into place a solution to your problem. A number of clients come to me regularly as a way of helping themselves to be free from pain.

Long-Term Neck and Shoulder Pain

I was contacted by a client who has had a painful neck and shoulders for nearly 2 years. To address the condition I have used Trigger Point Massage and developed a programme of tailored exercises.  After working together over a course of several treatments the dull ache and tightness began to dissipate until it eventually subsided completely.

 Sometimes when pain is chronic in nature, it can take a number of sessions to address. This particular client also has Ligament Laxity, a condition, where ligaments are loose and joints have less stability. This can be a very painful condition. Typically people with Ligament Laxity are considered ‘bendy’ and may be able to touch their toes with the flat of their hand and in some cases with their elbows. Regular treatments ensure that I can help her to manage this condition so it does not start to escalate, causing her more discomfort.

 “Having suffered with persistent knots in my back and shoulders for years I was delighted when after my very first session with Sue I felt more mobile than I’d felt in a long time, it was like walking on air. Having, over the years, seen various therapists with little success I really had resigned myself to putting up with the constant discomfort of muscular pain and Sue gave me hope that I didn’t have to. Since then, Sue has patiently and with great charm and attention helped relieve my various aches and pains, sympathetically tailoring my treatment to the needs of my body, and for that I am so grateful”

The ‘Bad Back’

I recently had a call from a new client suffering from a really painful back.  The pain was so great that he was unable to drive. When he walked into my treatment room he was clearly suffering – every movement was accompanied by an agonized grimace. After discussing possible causes of his condition during the consultation, I worked gently on the muscles that are often responsible for this type of back complaint. I eased out those that had gone into spasm and carried out some mobility work to free the sacrum and other offending muscles.As impressive as it sounds, he walked out of my room much more upright and in considerably less pain.I had a phone call 5 days later to say the pain had completely gone.



I first went to Sue as I was taking a college class where she was the teacher teaching massage techniques. I was looking for a Sports Therapist in the area so decided to try her. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and the time she took to find out about me, my lifestyle and my exercise regime.  I have treatments not just when I have an injury but as a regular part of my exercise regime. When I do have an injury Sue takes time to assess the injury and help identify the cause. She will not only treat but advise exercises to do to help speed up recovery.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sue to friends for treatment. All those I have recommended to her have been positive in their feedback and have benefited from treatment from her. Helen, Newbury

A friend recommended Sue after trying to find a good physio treatment for my frozen shoulder sustained whilst skiing
My shoulder was locked up badly and causing sleepless nights making me seek private help outside the NHS system
Within the first two sessions there was a marked difference and the pain started to reseed and I was getting increased flexibility in my shoulder movement .
In my opinion it was money well spent and accelerated the healing process after 6 sessions of physio and a plan of exercises to do at home I could get a better nights sleep with a marked difference in the movement of my shoulder coupled with a lot less pain , I would recommend Sue’s physio regime in case of sports injury to any of my friends for the future.                                                        
Jamie from Chievely

I have been with Sue from the beginning approximately 15 years ago, even then she was good! Over the years she has gone from strength to strength, always learning something new and putting it into action.I have really benefited from Sues ministrations, be it reflexology or massage. I always leave feeling heaps better that when I arrived. Sue is also a good listener, knowing anything I say will go no further than the four walls is really appreciated. She has helped me in many ways over the years and I am eternally grateful to her.

Lib, Wantage

Sue Pitts
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