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How can pregnancy massage help me?

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How Can Pregnancy Massage Help Me?

 From the moment you become pregnant, your body begins to change. Hormones surge into your body and hijack it. Knowing that you are  pregnant could be the most amazing knowledge, or it could be a bit of a shock. Whatever your situation, pregnancy massage will help to relax you, to focus on your baby, to be calm and quiet and to give you precious time, away from daily hurly burly.

Pregnancy massage will support you through the changes your body will make. Helping you to deal with aches and pains, headaches, puffiness and general tension without medication.

This could be a time when fears or anxieties can be voiced, a time to learn breathing and relaxation techniques and a time to learn pregnancy exercises in a safe and caring environment. We can work with birthing positions, partner help and care and if wished, breast feeding.

Pregnancy massage may help you to cope better with the birth, encourage a positive approach and feel supported through out your pregnancy. Reduced anxiety through out your pregnancy, may result in a calmer, more peaceful baby. That has to be good!