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Painful Yarns Book Review

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Painful Yarns by Lorimer Moseley

Book review.

Painful Yarns was written by G.Lorimer Mosely, metaphors to help understand the biology of pain. Dr Lorimer Mosely has a PHd in Pain Science from the University of Sidney, Australia and is a Nuffield Research Fellow in Medical Sciences at Oxford University, here in the UK. Hi is highly esteemed both for his research and ability to tell witty, interesting and engaging stories to help anybody in long term and persistent pain.

Painful YarnsThis short book will definitely make you laugh but it will also help anybody, anywhere to understand pain. The stories act as metaphors and education, helping us all to understand the complexity of pain and recent research. Each story tells a lively yarn, largely based on the narrators experience and is cleverly followed by a take home sentence designed to help you crystallise the message contained within.

In the first yarn ‘nigel’s superskoda 110″ Lorimer clearly shows the risks of ignoring warning signs. Pain is an alarm that should be taken seriously. Pain avoidance rather than addressing the underlying problem, may begin to limit your life, a bit at a time. Pain is a protective mechanism designed to make you stop and take heed. Pain, like thirst and hunger are sensory experiences, they do not necessarily give a measure of how we are in reality, but of how our brain perceives us to be. The yarn called ‘the thirsty idiots’, demonstrates this clearly. The story describing Phantom Leg pain further highlights the complexity of pain. Phantom pain has enabled us to put the puzzle together and to understand that pain is an output from the brain based on our personal understanding, experiences, expectations and perceptions. Further stories in the book emphasise different aspects of the pain experience. Lorimer has a great description of a snake bite he received and the consequences. This u tube video is excellent: https://youtu.be/gwd-wLdIHjs

There are more stories for you to catch up on to help further your understanding of pain. It’s a great read and well worth the investment whether you are a therapist or somebody with persistent pain. Enjoy.