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Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Six Tips for Aching Shoulders!

1. You know this!……..Take breaks, put a pinger on your computer and stop just to stretch every 20 minutes.

Use the exercise chart below, print it out and pop it somewhere you can see it.

2. Use a heat pack or hot water bottle when you get home. Rest it on your neck and shoulders to give those tired, tense muscles time to relax.

3. Take a tennis ball and hold it on the wall, lean into it with your shoulders and roll the ball around on the bits that hurt. Do this a few times a day, keep a tennis ball in your desk drawer.

4. Ask your partner/friend if they could give you a massage.

5. Check your pillows are at the right height for you and if you have changed your pillows recently, could this be the problem?

6. Seek a Sports and Pain Relief Massage Therapist to help you.

Follow the tips above for pain free shoulders!

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