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Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Tissue Tolerance

Tissue Tolerance

It’s all about Tissue Tolerance.

Well, not all, but a lot.

You have hurt yourself, perhaps pulled a muscle, strained a ligament, sprained an ankle or have a sore back, you name it and you have done exactly as you have been told………

Surprisingly 😉 you have followed your Sports Therapists, Physio, Osteopath’s resting, exercise regime and your injury feels better.

It’s time for that 10 km, that four sets in a tennis match, a competitive football game.


Are You Ready?

It may feel better. It may be rested, exercised and strong, but you still have to build up your Tissue Tolerance.

Your brain still has to believe you can do it.

Not yet!

Take it slowly.

You cannot go back to your pre-injury running, swimming distance, or gym regime and expect all to be well.

It probably won’t.

Run a short distance, hit a tennis ball with a friend, play part of a football game, a contracted gym regime.

How does it feel? Any flare up’s, any pain or discomfort?

If so, you are not ready yet to go back full tilt into your sport, your tissues still need to be able to tolerate the demands you will put on them. Tissue Tolerance is key.

Not yet. 

You will be.

No problems with playing a bit of tennis, or your short swim or run? 

Do it again.

No flare ups, pain, discomfort?

Increase by a little, if running 10%

Now increase it by a little. Not a lot, not back to your previous injury free workout.

Not yet.

Make a note of this so you can carefully get back to full strength.

It is really important to record your progress.

Flare ups are not the worst thing in the world, https://www.wellbeingnaturally.co.uk/flare-ups/

You may not have injured your tissues again, in fact, if you have waited 4-6 weeks or so for the tissues to repair, you have exercised, strengthened and conditioned those tissues, then it is very unlikely. But you have scared your nervous system. Your protective mechanism has decided that you are overdoing it and will feel as you have re-damaged yourself. 

Back track, exercise but not into pain, or just a little pain, nothing that continues to hurt afterwards and rebuild.

Build you tissue tolerance.

It’s all about Tissue Tolerance.

Well, not all, but a lot!


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