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Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Use Weights

Use Weights

They have arrived!

If like me, you are getting a little older, then weights or bands for resistance training are really important. Being stronger helps in a whole host of ways. Weights help with improving balance, lifting grandchildren, helping against osteoporosis, you are less likely to fall over, your reactions are quicker and of course you are generally stronger, which has to be a good thing!

Research here for example: “High-Intensity Resistance and Impact Training (HIIT) Improves Bone Mineral Density and Physical Function in Postmenopausal Women With Osteopenia and Osteoporosis: The LIFTMOR Randomized Controlled Trial”

Watson et al. (2018). J Bone Miner Res. 33(2):211-220.

I ordered these in the end.     https://www.jtxfitness.com/4kg-dumbbell

I really look forward to using them at my next Circuits/Boot Camp.

  • The ends are hexagonal, so won’t roll away.
  • They have a good gripping system.
  • Rubber coated ends help them be a little kinder to you and your floor if you drop them.

JTX Fitness  also has a great workout you can do with weights.


Of course you can use anything you find at home. You may like to put some books into a rucksack for extra weight.(This is a great for rehabilitation, if you are loading to help knees or ankles. Start with a low number, low repetitions). Add more as you feel stronger. Make sure your rucksack is tightly fastened and evenly weighted.

Bottles of water work well and you know how much they weigh! Small bottle for lots of repetitions, larger bottle for less repetitions.

Anything else you can think of 🤔.