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Move without Pain

Move without Pain

Wellbeing Naturally in Brief


If I can offer help, self care advice or a rehabilitation exercise plan, please get in touch. Mob 07795552910 or sue@wellbengnaturally.co.uk

Wellbeing Naturally in Brief

“Since going to see Sue the first time, I have never looked back when needing assessments on various sports injuries and problem pains. She seems to have this uncanny ability of finding the triggers and not only eradicates them but provides advice and a way forward to make life a little easier! Sue is friendly and professional and I would recommend anyone of any level to go see her for a good solid and educated sports massage. Sue loves what she does and this shines through with the help and treatment she provides.”


Sports Massage Therapy

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email: sue@wellbeingnaturally.co.uk

Massage for painful muscles, nerve issues and wellbeing. Effective, remedial and specific sports massage, that does not create further soreness, but relieves aches and pains. A massage that will help to calm your nervous system, decrease your pain and improve your sense of wellbeing. Together, with your sports massage, we will talk about mobility exercises and nerve movements that will help diminish any nerve pain and move you forward on your journey of healing.

With nearly 20 years of experience, you can be sure that your treatment will be of the highest standard and tailored just to your needs. Making sure that you feel confident with the support and therapy that you receive.

For more about Sports Therapy Massage and how it can help you, got to https://www.wellbeingnaturally.co.uk



Rehabilitation movement and exercise to help banish aches and pains. Mobility and a progressive exercise plan, designed just for you, using the latest pain science research.

Click on the Emperor’s Tray below and try this novel movement for carpal tunnel, shoulder pain and tennis elbow.  Emperor’s Tray

Pregnancy massage.cropped-Pregnancy_Massage1.jpg


To calm and relax a mum to be. To ease aches and pains and encourage sleep. To help every mum to be through their pregnancy, offering exercises, mobility and support. For more information, go to https://www.wellbeingnaturally.co.uk/pregnancy-massage/


Download your free copy of my pdf, “Move in your chair and at your desk” for your aching shoulders, uncomfortable back or stiff neck. https://www.wellbeingnaturally.co.uk/free-pdf-download-move-chair-desk/