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Move without Pain

Move without Pain

What is Clinical Massage


What is Clinical Massage 

For aches and pains, sports injuries and pregnancy discomfort

What is Clinical Massage? It is a very different discipline from other therapy professions treating physical conditions (such as osteopaths, physiotherapists etc). It involves working with the tissues of the body. Clinical massage therapists look at nerves and muscles and specialize in treating pain felt in the body. It is a discipline that can help with injuries and long term conditions.

Clinical massage therapists have an in depth knowledge of the body and associated ailments. Clinical therapists can help with a variety of complaints, even those defined as ‘untreatable’ by their doctor. On many occasions, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain can all be helped by clinical massage (often avoiding the need for invasive surgery).

Clinical massage therapists have a hands-on approach that works directly with the body. It is the combination of detailed client consultation and a tailored programme of treatment that helps to address the pain.

Sports injuries, both recent and long term, can be readily treated by clinical massage.  Some times after an injury, the pain of the injury remains, even when the tissues havehealed. Helping you to undersSports injurytand and overcome this pain, is a major factor in the work that I do. Your treatment session will incorporate hands on body work, massage, mobility and movement. A perfect trilogy for wellbeing.

A programme of home strengthening and movement helps to reduce pain and increase mobility. Keeping your body active and mobile, but within your pain threshold, will help to improve your general flexibility and reduce pain.

Every day issues (such as those created by the workplace or lifting something incorrectly in the garden) can also largely be addressed by Clinical Massage. Tennis elbow can also be brought on by carrying heavy bags or painting walls (not just tennis). RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), is a painful complaint often associated with repetitive workplace habits such as typing. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be caused by nerve compression often during pregnancy or through poor work station conditions in the office.  Both RSI and CTS respond extremely well to clinical massage.  Similarly, a painful and stiff neck, a sore lower back or aching shoulders, are all muscular issues that can be improved quite radically with clinical massage.

Pregnancy for all the joy it brings, can be a period accompanied by a variety of discomforts too, especially as the baby grows. Fluid retention, aching hips, back and shoulders and carpal tunnel syndrome are just a few of the very real pains of pregnancy which can make it quite challenging.

Gentle work with mum-to-be can help to reduce fluid retention and ease nerves and muscles that are causing pain. The combination of touch, care and guidance can lower anxiety, improve sleep and general wellbeing.

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